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Secret Codes #3

Instead of using a codebook like the Colorado Code which will obviously give away your espionage activities (see Secret Codes #2), why not hide a codebook in plain sight? You can use an everyday book as long as you and your partner agree on the very same book and edition. Of course, it's easiest if you use a dictionary, but here we will use another book that is freely available to all Summer Game players. In our catalog, search Downloads for Penelope's English Experiences by Kate Wiggin or just click here to go to the entry. Then download the pdf or simply view it online.

The message you need to decode is organized in groups of 3 numbers (separated by colons) which refer to the page of the ebook, the line on that page, and the word on that line. For example, 52:3:13 is decoded as "summer" because that's the word on page 52, line 3, word 13. No one would ever suspect Ms. Wiggin of being the key to your secret code!

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Counting the chapter title as a line, for the example to decoded as "summer," it should be 52:3:13. Or the result for 52:2:13 would be "among."

Unfortunately without a library card I can't do this one. We don't live in Ann Arbor so library card is kind of expensive lol. The digital copy from gutenberg I don't see page numbers on either.

I can't download the book.I tried to find it on line but the pages,line and words make absolutely no sense.

I'm sorry this is giving you trouble. Were you able to view the pdf from the link above in the description? Here it is again in case you missed it:

That will take you to an AADL web page where you can view the book. You don't even need to download it. Page numbers are just above the text in the black border around the text. You can make sure it is working for you by going to page 52, line 3 (counting the chapter title as a line) and word 13. That word will be "summer."

This is the same problem I had wit a MacBook Air, no way to get a page number, via sidebar, grey headers, all the icons in the headers etc. I would have liked to "find the correct page" and scrolling and counting is a tedious option. Regardless, thank you for the code!


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