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Above Board

Your Ann Arbor District Library is governed by a Board of 7 Trustees elected at large from the district, and they meet in public and online! Watch either the June or July AADL Board of Trustees meetings to earn this badge! You'll find the code in Josie's Director's Report slide deck.

AADL Board of Trustees Regular Meeting: June 28, 2021 7 PM

AADL Board of Trustees Regular Meeting: July 26, 2021 7 PM

But wait, there's more! you can also get 1000 BIG BONUS points for making a public comment to the board!

To make a public comment, you can email with your comment written out, or a photo of a written comment, or a video, or a song, interpretive dance, on any subject related to library service! It will be read or played or shown during the meeting.

OR you can call 734-327-4245 and leave a voicemail message for the board. It will be played during the meeting!

OR if you watch the meeting live on youtube you can make a comment in the youtube chat and it will be read during the meeting!

You can tell the Board what you think about the library like this every month, but you only get points for it during Summer Game! Leave a comment below if you have any questions about how to send in your comment for the board, and THANKS FOR PLAYING!

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If you're watching the June 2021 meeting, the director's report begins about 20 minutes in. You can't miss the code slide in the director's report, it's about halfway through and it's a regular code sign taking up the whole screen. Hope that helps!


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