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Solar-Powered Scavenger Hunt

For many years, the City of Ann Arbor has made a conscious effort to promote the use of solar energy. Whether it is solar-powered water heaters at the firehouse or the rooftop panels that provide the energy necessary to make Arbor Brewing Company’s delicious beers, you might be surprised to see all the ways that the sun keeps the city moving. We invite you to participate in a short Scavenger Hunt at the Ann Arbor Farmers Market to learn more about how the city harnesses the sun’s energy.

This badge is brought to you by the Ann Arbor Office of Sustainability and Innovations. 

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Hey, are these codes available only during farmer's market hours? I just tried walking around the area on Friday evening and didn't see any signs.

It would help if you made both clues visible from the start. We found the first code, but the library website kept timing out when we tried to enter it, so we couldn’t get the second clue. Thanks for a great summer game!

The first clue is a bit confusing since there are many "ends" to the Farmer's Market. Maybe the hint can be updated with which end (by the tower).

An update: I went back and looked again, and found both codes. They are still there.

In case it's useful for other badge-seekers: I had thought that I had to go when the Farmer's Market was open, but it looks like these codes should be there 24x7 if you go to the Kerrytown parking lot where the Farmer's Market is. It's there whether or not the Farmer's Market is actually open when you are there.

I DO NOT recommend doing this badge during market hours. We found the second code without needing the clue. It took us AN HOUR to find the first code. It was behind a booth and we had to lean over the booth just to read it!


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