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Color Instinct

Things aren't ALWAYS black and white or grayscale--EVEN IF most of our historical photos are! Use your COLOR INSTINCT to sort through a fresh set of IDIOMS and OLD NEWS PHOTOS. Alright, the white is over--let's get a mauve on it and EARN THOSE POINTS!

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Wow, watch out fellow summer gamer's. The last code you will get two codes. One for 30 points and check the next photo will get you the 50 points.

I know the color of the glasses but searched and can’t find it! Do I need to narrow my search?

Make sure to also narrow the search within Community Collections to "Photos"! And search for the singular form of the word. Hopefully this helps. Thank you for playing, and let us know if you're still stuck!

I've found the code for "TICKLED ____!", however, I accidentally refreshed the page and can no longer access the hint to find second code!

It sounds like you might have stumbled upon the code from a WINTER Game badge! Keep looking for a photo with a classic car for the code for THIS BADGE! Hopefully this helps, thank you for playing!

Ooooh! Tricky, tricky. I needed to pay closer attention. Thank you for the “heads up” now I have earned this badge


★★☆☆ 2 of out 4 difficulty

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