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Fri, 07/02/2021 - 12:00pm by SaraP

Can’t see the FOREST for the trees? You’ve been on quite a WALK through the WILDs of the catalog. All we can say, dear gamers, is boy have you LOGGED some miles (and reads/shows/listens)!! You know what this means???!!!! It’s time for some LOG JAMMER trophies!!!! 

While you’re out there, grab your badge-hunting gear and climb some PEAKS, explore a GROTTO, and maybe see a FOX or even its TALE! But first, a few safety rules for the journey: 

  • wear bright COLORs at all times (or dull ones)
  • avoid FALLing DOWN (without knee pads)
  • bring breadcrumbs into any and all LABYRINTHS
  • keep a CROSSWORD to stay sharp
  • but don’t keep SECRETS from your friends

No need to worry about the WEBS (of silk, lies, flies, or otherwise). Those are 100% SAFE and FINE! I mean, WHAT COULD GO WRONG in a forest full of webs??? Alright, Bilbo, here ya go...


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There’s MUCH to do and more to LOG! So get CREATIVE, REMAIN calm, and THANKS for PLAYING!

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