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U-M's Not Even Really Drama Students (NERDS) created a series of original musical audio dramas

by christopherporter

Not Even Really Drama Students musical audio dramas

I've lived in Ann Arbor for nearly five years and I'm still discovering student groups at the University of Michigan who are producing original music, art exhibitions, videos, films, literature, photography, magazines, and theater. Campus talent runs DEEP.

Today's discovery is the Not Even Really Drama Students (NERDS), which creates original musical dramas. I assume that normally they would stage the productions somewhere, but over the past year, these students created a series of original audio and video musical dramas that they've uploaded to YouTube and Spotify. 

The 10 audio dramas currently on Spotify will eventually be uploaded to YouTube as well, but for now, the video service is the place where you can see NERDS' variety shows and full-length audio-video musicals such as The Seven Deadly Sins

NERDS Audio Dramas playlist

NERDS Variety Shows playlist

NERDS Full-Length Musicals playlist

NERDS Trailers playlist

NERDS Official Videos playlist

Christopher Porter is a library technician and the editor of Pulp.