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Fri, 07/09/2021 - 12:00pm by SaraP

WELCOME BACK, Gamers! It’s a new Friday, with new BAOBADGES, and some TRULY good news. AADL is welcoming you back to the buildings on Monday!!! But, you probably already knew that. Of course, we’ve made it so that you can continue to play the ENTIRE game without setting a single foot in here (if you want) - you know, to PLACE YOURSELF as you re-enter the social GALAXY. 

But if you want to, you can TREK back in on Monday to any or all of the FIVE branches. You can do it FAST! You can do it slowly!! Whatever the CASU may be, we’ll be so glad to see you when we do! In the meantime, you can BET on these badges to keep you occupied...


Mi Casu Es Su CasuTruly ShockingWelcome Back, 'Cada BaobadgeDon't Bet on itFast and Furry-ousChicken's Traverwood TrekLetter Labyrinth FiveCutest in the GalaxyPlace YourselfCrossword 5Secret Codes #5


Happy Friday and THANKS for PLAYING!


Today we were at the Ann Arbor Running Co grand opening and run. While on the neighborhood run, my child spotted a code! I asked if the snake sign was a fake?! Our 100 points earned is proof, indeed, that little green sign was the real deal. Great job AARC and AADL (and child)!

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