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The Wickie Inquiry

We've saved an extra delightful puzzle for the end of summer! What better way than to cool off by making your brain wrestle with a puzzle for the whole family! The Wickie Inquiry will lead you on a journey across Treton to discover an ancient evil that has infiltrated our favorite town. This is designed to be a more difficult puzzle than a typical badge, so be warned! The risks are greater, but so are the rewards. To get started, head over to the Wickie Inquiry landing page.

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Big props to the library staff for developing, filming, and acting for this! You put in so much work! Good job, all of y'all!

"Don't take a break...the puzzle isn't going anywhere." But it is 9:30pm on August 29! It's going away in two and a half hours! (lol)


★★★★ 4 of out 4 difficulty

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