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Any Body's Guess

What's up, doc? It's time to get back to basics with a badge all about the HUMAN BODY (and it's idioms). You know how it toes... We throw you a bone with our idiom-laden clues and you keep your eyes peeled for the missing word - use the word as your search term in the Community Collections photos to find your codes!

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As always, thank you badge maker! I especially adore these old photos badges!

Check out this photo I found while I was doing this badge:
"George Gillespie lifts plates with his teeth, May 1938"
Makes you wonder about the backstory on that!

We are so happy you're getting a kick out of them! We thought about using the George Gillespie photo as the one with the code, but didn't want folks to have to click down too far - it sure is a gem, though!

George Gillespie's feat is impressive but I don't understand how those objects are "plates."


★★☆☆ 2 of out 4 difficulty

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