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Badge Drop #12: The SG Punnacle

Fri, 08/27/2021 - 12:00pm by ohheyitselle

Have you climbed and clawed your way to the SG Summit? Reached the Point Pinnacle?? Obtained a Culmination of Codes???

Well, SG Players, dear sweet beautiful SG Players. This is it. This is for you. It’s all for you. Everything we’ve done has led to these POINTS: 


They are our Magnum Codeus, our Point de Résistance, our Shrek Forever After. 

Why? Because YOU deserve it. If you’ve earned all the badges in each series then JOB WELL DONE! If you haven’t… there’s STILL TIME!!!! You have until 11:59 PM on August 29th to get as many badges, codes, and points as you can

After earning all those points, be sure to go on a SPENDING SPREE in the SG Shop!! Place your orders by midnight on Monday, September 6th!! 

So, without further ado...


Winged WonderMost UnderratedDeepest DiggerSeatquent Flier Lego LookerUltimate TricksterEggcellent Eye Labyrinth LiasonMemeory KeeperThe Old 9 YardsCrossword CompleterSuper Sleuth


What a wild ride this has been, dear Players. After 4 Games over the course of 17 months, we here at SG Headquarters are hanging up our badge-writing sweatbands for now. But don’t you worry, we’ll spend our time flipping through our pundexes to make sure we are bright-eyed and funny-tailed when we come back for SUMMER GAME 2022 on JUNE 10TH! 

So until then… 



And THANK YOU, game makers, for making the Summer Game! And the Bummer Game, and the Winter Game too! You are appreciated!!!

Thank you AADL! I was a little disappointed not to see any lastdrop badges or summary statistics for homecodes...

With only a few days between the last drop and the end of the game, the last drop is usually just the completionist badges. We try not to stress out the players too much! But we will be converting the home codes page to a heat map of which codes were redeemed the most. And stay tuned for some big changes to home codes for next summer! Thanks for playing!

The heat map is already up, showing how many times each home code was found! There were just over 600 home codes this year. Big changes are coming to home codes next year, so stay tuned, and thanks for playing!

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