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Homeschooling Field Trip--to Outer Space!

Wed, 10/06/2021 - 12:58pm by mrajraspn08

History of Space puzzleYou may have heard about the upcoming Orionoids Meteor Shower or December’s complete lunar eclipse. While you’re checking out the Telescope, check out some other out of this world tools for learning about space!

If your child dreams of reaching for the stars, check out The History of Space Travel Puzzle. While you're putting it together, you can start talking about the various space missions that have occurred. Look at the ways the technology has evolved over the years, from the first launch to the most recent. How has this improved our space travel? How do these tools work? How do they compare with some you may have seen or read in sci-fi books and movies? How do you think they'll improve by the time you'd be starting your own space adventure? Older kids might want to watch the streaming video Functions and Relations, showing how to use advanced math principles as we plan space travel. See if you can apply those same principles to travel to a different planet in our solar system. Check out other videos on space travel in our streaming collection!

Now let's blast off on a journey of our own to visit the planet Venus with the Venus Globe! Venus is often compared to Earth. What similarities do you see between the planets? What differences? Do you think we’ll be able to live on Venus one day? Why or why not? Who knows--maybe you'll get the chance to some day!

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