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The Milkweed & Monarch Project | Episode 6 on AADL.TV


Monday March 7, 2022: 6:00pm to 7:00pm  Add to Calendar



For Whom

Grade K - Adult


Follow AADL Staff members as they work to help monarch butterfly populations by growing milkweed, the host plant for monarch butterflies.

From milkweed seeds to full grown plants, and from monarch egg to butterfly, each episode will focus on the life cycles of these fascinating insects. Monarchs migrate north in spring, and by fall, we will see them migrate south again. Watch it all happen from start to finish!

In Episode 6 learn about milkweed in the fall and winter. From planting in the fall, to harvesting and sowing seeds for the spring, staff explore ways to continue conservation in the colder months. In a special segment from The Saturday Show, Christopher shows how to make cordage from milkweed stems. After, watch the series conclusion featuring highlights from the season.

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