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"Mischief in the Crystal Palace" with Shan Puppet Theater of Taiwan


Sunday August 21, 2022: 2:00pm to 3:00pm  Add to Calendar


Downtown Library: 1st Floor Lobby, Downtown Library: Secret Lab

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All Ages


Join us for a rare and exciting performance of "Mischief in the Crystal Palace," an episode from the classic tale Journey to the West, with the Shan Puppet Theater of Taiwan.

Shan Puppet Theater, established by Huang Wu-Shan in 2002, is one of the only puppet troupes to perform traditional Taiwanese puppet shows in the Hakka language in Taiwan. Shan Puppet Theatre shows are inspired by traditional Hakka opera, and incorporate Hakka music, culture and history into their repertoire. 

This event is in partnership with the Michigan Taiwanese American Organization and is made possible by Taipei Cultural Center in New York, Ministry of Culture, Taiwan.

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