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Download at least 1 item from the AADL Catalog! 

This badge will reward automatically when a downloadable catalog item record is opened! No Code required! 

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sorry for the basic question, but can anyone remind me how to download an item again? i forgot haha
thanks! :D

what I did: used a term ("violets") to search [catalog] for [downloads]. Clicked on the first item in the results - a music download - and i got the points. didn't even have to start playing the music. It might be different for other downloadable formats but that's what worked for me.

AADL has loads of amazing downloads: music and patterns, just for a start.
If you know a knitter, search the catalog for mochimochi, and let the fun begin.

I don’t have to *do* anything after I download stuff/complete things for points, yes? It just like, uploads to my account?

Hi, I have downloaded several items from the knitting pattern collection and have not gotten the badge/points?

Hi there!

Did this end up working for you? I would recommend trying it again and refreshing your badge page! If that doesn't work, try submitting a new code. Submitting something new may trigger the badge to award.

I hope one of this fixes works for you! Please let us know if you are still having issues here!

Thanks for playing!!


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