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Mega Log Jammer

Log 20 days of reading, watching, or listening on your My Player Page!

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I logged something today (two things, actually) and it’s not showing up. It gave me my 50 points, but still lists 14 days (instead of 15) and the book doesn’t appear in the list.

same thing happend to me today but with different amounts i think its because we can only log 1 thing per day,

i think it unfair because yesterday i read a books and i forgot to log it and today i read a book so i loged both but it only counted one which is unfair

Hi there! We looked into this and there was a snag on our end of things, but we were able to make the tweaks to your account so this should be all set!

Sorry for the issue and thanks for playing!! :)

I have run into the same issue...I logged something several days ago. I was award 50 points, but I'm still listed as 18 days (instead of 20).

Hi there! Do you happen to remember what the items were you logged that didn't get counted? Or what day you logged that didn't track? If you let us know, we can look into it and try to resolve the issue for you! You're welcome to let us know here or by going here:

Thanks for playing!

I added the last four things that I read today and was expecting to get the Mega Log Jammer Badge, but nothing happened. Very disappointed because I wanted those 500 points.

Hi! You are welcome to log more than one item per day, but the Log Jammer badges are for the amount of days you log, rather than the amount of items! Only your first log of the day counts towards this badge. You still have just shy of 2 weeks to log the remaining number of days you need for this badge! You're almost to your 500 points!!!!! :)

Thanks for playing!

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