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Rate 1000 items in the AADL catalog!!!!!!!!

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Hi there! The badge is only for Summer Game 2022, but each Summer Game gets a badge like this! Only ratings during the Summer Game period apply!

Thanks for asking and thanks for playing!!

This badge should be dropped. There is certain absurdity to this number. It would take hours. No one really and sincerely can have assessed, read, used that many library items fully. Is an honest thoughtful rating is given to each item?

Thanks for your comment! One of our design goals for the game is to have badges that reward all players across the spectrum of how much time they put in to the game. We don't see this (or any badge, really) as a required or recommended goal for players. But there are *absolutely* some SG players who play 12+ hours daily, and some of these extreme badges are for that type of player.

Only 21 folks have gotten to 500 so far, and it's August.

Wonder if maybe the scale on this badge series might be tweaked. Maybe 25-50-100-150-250?

It's a thought!

The top end badges are more about recognizing how some players choose to play the game than goals we're setting for people. We're trying to make sure as many people as possible find the game rewarding and engaging, and that means some badges that only a few players will earn. Thanks for asking!

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