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Submit 50 reviews on items in the AADL catalog.

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Why do they just put the badge in right now? It’s super hard to even get to 20. And we have less than 2 weeks to finish this.

Hi there!

It certainly is a lot of reviews! We don't consider these badges as a requirement or a recommended goal for players, but some players do enjoy the rush! One of the designs of the game is to have something for everyone, and a part of that is having some badges that are engaging for the players who have fun with these types of challenges! The Contributor series are specifically made into steps in hopes of having something achievable and engaging for every type of player. :)

The Summer Game ends on August 28th at 11:59pm, so at the time these badges dropped, players have a little over 3 weeks to *officially* play towards these badges, but reviews written during the entirety of the summer are tracked and work towards these badges.

Thanks for letting us know your thoughts and as always, thank you for playing!! :)


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