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Submit 500 reviews on items in the AADL catalog. 

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Really how is this physically possible to review with "value" comments on 500 library items in barely 3 months? PS Is that why you the "extra points o matic" category to clean up the reviews after for minimal points? Recommend dropping this badge.

ekjensen, that was my thought too, but you could write reviews (in a text editor) as you read throughout the year and just submit them during the Summer Game.

Hello, thanks for asking! The contributor badges are more to recognize the way different players play than to encourage players to try to reach extreme goals. We want all players to feel rewarded for the way they choose to play the game, and to recognize what's important to them, and these badges are part of that. Thanks again for the feedback, and thanks for playing!

Yeah, but who can read 500 books a year? I'm a huge reader and only manage about 250 (and I could never write decent reviews on half of them!)

Don't forget, you can review anything in the AADL catalog, not just books. And some parents of little kids who routinely read 10 short books to them at bedtime can certainly do these kinds of numbers if they choose! Again, we want to meet players where they are and find ways to recognize all kinds of game play. Nobody on the Summer Game design team sees "getting all the badges" as a goal of the game in any way! Thanks for the feedback!

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