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Got Your Goat?

Next up on our journey to find the SPOOKIEST and most ELUSIVE buddies is none other than... Well, you'll have to figure that out YOURSELF. (You didn't think it would be that easy, did you??)

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Hi there! I've edited your comment to take out *THAT WORD* because that's the right one! Be sure you're using *THAT WORD* AS your code! This one is not a catalog search!
I hope that helps! Thanks for playing!

If you know the word the clue is leading you to, try searching for it in the catalog! Click through the search results until you find your code!!

I hope that helps and thanks for playing! :)

Regarding the third clue, I'm floored that diacritical marks are required for finding something in the AADL catalog. This is atypical among library management systems. Is there an explanation for why AADL does this?

Thanks for asking about this. This is a bug, not a feature; our search engine is apparently not handling results and relevancy ranking for diacritics in intuitive ways. We're sorry for the trouble, we'll be revising the clue. Thanks again for your comment so we can get this puzzle fixed!

With clue 3, I know what the wod is to search in the catalg, but nothingj is popping up. I think the wrd is _ _ _ _. (Since I don't want to broadcast the word to anyone viewing this comment, I made this an *ahem* pretty easy *ahem* puzzle, stating the word I think it is). Anyway, do I need to use accents, and if so, how do I type that?

Hi there! For clue number 3, the word you need to search the catalog for starts with an S and has 8 letters! Search that name is the catalog to find your code! You do not have to use any accents! :)

I hope that helps and thanks for playing!!

Your answer can be found on the Wikipedia page for this creature in the "Reputed origin" section! :)

I hope that helps! Let us know if you need another hint and thanks for playing!!!!


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