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Swimming in Legos!

Oh no! The Legos are a mess again, and something tiny that shouldn't be there is... well... there! The name of the item that isn't a Lego is your code! Here is a rhyming hint:

"Take a closer look, of course

to find a tiny ********"

A mess of Legos with a seahorse hidden within


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All the colorful pieces of plastic in the photo are Legos, except for one thing.

When you find that one thing that isn't a Lego, the word that describes what it is will be the code you type into the "Code Text" box at the top, just under your username.

You are looking for a small object hidden amongst the Legos that isn’t a Lego itself. The code is what the thing is (an animal in this case). 2 syllables with the second one rhyming with “course”.

I thought for sure it was referring to the dalmatian toward the top, as I didn't think that was an official LEGO piece but couldn't figure out how to make that rhyme with course! Figured it out after looking again another day!

I just cannot figure out what the first word is! I know what I'm supposed to be looking at, and how many letters long, but this has me baffled.


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