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Spot TheRide

Look for an AAATA bus bearing a Summer Game code! Ride TheRide free with your library card Saturdays and Sundays from June 11 through August 28th!

Be on the lookout for a BONUS CODE when riding TheRide! 

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I saw a bus with the banner on it cross the intersection in front of me. Unfortunately, I was the 8th car back! I couldn't make out the words of the code so far away! I was going to turn and follow the bus, but by the time I got the green it was LONG gone. Ah well. I look forward to finding such a bus again!

Summer Game is much fun!

Route 32 (bus 487) did not have the bonus code inside of it when we rode on 7/3. We did see the Ypsi rides one though...our driver called it in but said there was a qr code which we couldn't find either....can we get help, please! We rode the bus to downtown branch for the Monet drawing event !


★☆☆☆ 1 of out 4 difficulty

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