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They Came from Inner Space!

From glorious 1976 to 1980, kids played with Micronauts and deeply wondered about the backstory of all the bizarre characters. Space centaurs? Bug creatures? Time travel? Ancient Egypt? Without any clues from movies or books, kids were free to make up their own strange adventures -- and even their own characters, as lots of the body parts were interchangeable due to their magnetic joints.

This lack of any corporate storyline would serve kids well as they got older and transitioned to indie music, having to fill in all their own details about bands with only abstract album covers and no photos of any band members. Maybe the Micronauts paved the way for Power, Corruption, and Lies and other classics of the era. Shankar Vedantam, are you there?

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I'm getting stuck on the second clue... I'm not sure if I even understand what the question is asking? I've done some researching and tried searching quite a few things. All of them have ended in dead ends, so any tips about what to search or what to look for would be great. Thanks!!

I'm stuck on the last clue. I found the collection of very short stories but no code was attached to it.

Wow, I'm stumped by the 4th clue! I've tried the word in all-caps (no results), the year Micronauts were made, "King Tut" & "King Tutankhamun," and the words "sarcophagus," "pharaoh," and "hieroglyphics." I've gotta be missing something. Any help?

If you are having trouble with any of the codes, the exact term for the catalog search is given in the clue. It is the word or words in quotes. Good luck!

Did you try typing "micro" for a general catalog search? Although search results will vary from time to time, and may change throughout the summer, when I type "micro", the third search result carries the code.

I still can't figure out the fourth clue. I've tried the work in quotes but come up with nothing. I've gone through 4 pages of results looking for a CD but nothing works.

Hi there! To help you get your code, try searching "Tut Taylor"! That may help! Also, we have general rule that that your code should be within the first 10 search results. We try to avoid anyone having to search through 4 pages!! :)

I hope that helps and THANKS FOR PLAYING!!!!!

I was stuck on the 3rd code for DAYS! I just needed that quotation mark hind and then it was very easy! Don't look at the hint for the quotation mark, it's in the paragraph!


This was fascinating. I had never heard of these toys. I love that they had no movie or other tie-ins.

I don't understand the last clue. I feel like it's there, but I'm just not getting it. I searched up Marvel, microheroes, almost everything they mention, but I haven't found the answer. Can you help out?


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