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Saginaw Saunter

We’re back to leading you to one of Ann Arbor’s amazing parks and looking for signage and other features to find game codes! As we know the Ann Arbor area is an embarrassment of riches when it comes to parks, nature areas, woods and forests and Saginaw Forest is a good example of a gem hiding in plain sight! Saginaw Forest is owned and maintained by the University of Michigan. It’s an 80-acre parcel of land comprising about 55 acres of plantations, Third Sister Lake, and surrounding wetlands. Saginaw Forest lends itself well to the study of forest and sustainable ecosystem management. It serves as a setting for research on diverse topics, including woody plants, forest ecology, freshwater ecology, and soil properties and processes.

There are entrances off of Liberty and the parking lot off of Wagner. For this badge you will want to park and enter Saginaw Forest from the parking lot for the 2|42 Community Church (and near Lynx Covid Testing). BEGIN: at entrance to Saginaw Forest can be found in the southwest corner of the parking lot. There are 2 signs that let you know you’re in the correct spot to start your walk.  We estimate the walk to be about 1.25 miles total.

TIPS: Here is a link from UofM to a mobile-friendly map with main trails. You will not need to walk all of them to complete this badge - you'll mostly be sticking to the main loop around Third Sister Lake. Bring a water bottle and plan on traversing some slopes on a variety of surfaces (dirt, woodchips, boardwalk, etc.)

NOTE: Saginaw Forest is an active and ongoing research site for the School for Environment and Sustainability University of MI staff, students and faculty regularly need to drive into the Forest to conduct their work & research via the locked gate on Liberty. You may see unmarked VEHICLES on a path or near the care taker's cabin - these vehicles have been granted access to the Forest. If you see a researcher please let them do their work in peace. 




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Beware that this is NOT the “Saginaw Forest” off E Delhi Rd / Holden Dr displayed by the iPhone Maps app ;)

Recommend bug spray. I also do not recommend doing this with a young toddler. There's limited cell service near the cabin (AT&T), so a printed or GPS trail map is a good idea--we got lost after the final clue (ended up at 3550 Liberty).

Based on warnings from above commenters, did this one with just two adults. It wasn't that bad, but my small four-year-old probably would have struggled, especially climbing uphill at the end after a long trek. The seven-year-old would have been fine.

As an FYI this area is similar to Bird Hills, passed a number of people walking their dogs without a leash.

I think it would be helpful if the last hint was directly under the Clue (as in other badges). As it is now, the paragraph beginning "That's it for game codes..." was what caught my eye. Because of the way it was positioned, I missed the last clue and thought I was done, so I never received the last code. I'm not going back, so I missed out on it.

This was a lot of walking but enjoyable.
And I agree with the other person that this should be a lot more points.


★☆☆☆ 1 of out 4 difficulty

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