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Let's reboot things! Fraggle Rock is back with more work and play... It's time to dance your cares away and see what those Fraggles are up to nowadays.

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I found the name of trash heap, but when I put it in code box thing, they say Code is not recognized.

The name of the Trash Heap is not the code! At the top of the web page there is a space to search the catalog. Search the name there. One of the items in the results will have the code. Click a few until you find the one with the code! The code will be on the left side of the page in a box.

I found it helpful to read the name of the badge the code belongs to, located in parentheses right under the code. I got stuck for minute because the 1st item I clicked did have a code, but it was not for this badge. I found the code for the trash heap clue a few items down the list. Hope this is helpful to someone else. Happy code hunting!


★★☆☆ 2 of out 4 difficulty

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