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SCRAP Creative Reuse presents Get Scrappy With It!

Creative Reuse means applying creativity to existing items to give them new practical or artistic functions. It's a great way to divert usable materials from landfills! SCRAP is a donation-based creative reuse store and donation center in Ann Arbor, MI. Along with the ever-changing and diverse store items, SCRAP also provides a range of educational opportunities within the community. Our mission is to inspire creative reuse and environmentally sustainable behavior by providing educational programs and affordable materials to the community. We are a part of the SCRAP Creative Reuse network which has grassroots creative reuse centers across the country.

In order to earn this badge, you will have to travel to SCRAP Creative Reuse, located at 4567 Washtenaw Avenue. See the clue for more details!

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We couldn't go inside because they closed today due to staffing shortage 6/16/22. I was there with my mom at 4:31 pm.

We were there yesterday morning and it was closed. Last year code was visible from outside that was helpful. There was a fairy door at there display window but no code.

Hours posted when open would help.
I use GPS yesterday Monday just to find out it was closed.

I love doing the game I did a lot more walking downtown Ann Arbor then I have another last two years because of the badges.

The shop has moved their AADL game code to the front windows so you can access it even if they are closed, though I would encourage you to go on a Thursday-Sunday to check out the store. It’s a great place! Even if you don’t craft, it’s nice to know that all those plastic bottle caps, beer bottle tops and corks your beverages produce could be saved and donated here to be reused by someone who does craft/make art.


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