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Cycle the Bikeway

School is out and it is time to do one last ABC...for your BIKE. Before you ride be sure to check the following: A-Air, B-Brakes, C-Chain, and don’t forget H-Helmet, that is a must. Now that your bike is ready, let’s get riding!  Your biking adventure begins by getting to the University of Michigan’s central campus and starting at the William Street Bikeway at the intersection of State and William St.

Biking Safety Tips:

  • Bikes are permitted to be on sidewalks in the city, please be sure to yield to pedestrians
  • Watch for turning vehicles at intersections and driveways
  • Use your hands to signal when you plan to turn, slow down, or stop.
  • Wear a properly fitted helmet
  • Give an audible warning before you pass people on a sidewalk
  • Use your senses while biking – listen for vehicles, look around to avoid items in your path, make eye contact with other drivers and be alert
  • Use pedestrian crosswalk signal when no traffic signal is present

This badge can be done in 40-50 minutes and will require you to bicycle approximately 1.5 miles using the People Friendly Streets Protected Bikeway system as well as one bike lane.  Be sure to follow all roadway signs while bicycling around the city. There are grade changes along this route. This bicycling/rolling badge is all outdoors. When stopping to read clues and search for codes, please move to the sidewalk. All codes will be found at each stopping point affixed to an existing sign or post at the intersection.

Brought to you by the City of Ann Arbor Transportation Department. For helpful hints to cycling safely this summer, CLICK HERE.

Having trouble finding the codes? CLICK HERE

Map of biking badge route


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I'm not sure I understand the benefit of blocking access to clues for people who don't have a mobile data plan with their smart phone. What's the point?

We're so sorry! This certainly wasn't the intention. We have made the adjustments so all the clues are visible.

Thanks for letting us know and thank you for playing!

After receiving this badge, it says: Feel free to take a selfie and share your photo with the City of Ann Arbor using #summergame. My question is, where is the photo posted and who can see it?

Hello! Posting a selfie online is completely optional and does not affect you earning points. You can post to any social media of your choosing and your friends would be able to see the picture. The library will not be using any selfies for any reason. I hope this was helpful!

I was wondering if there would be any neighborhood badges this year. I enjoyed having them last year but didn't see them this year. It made it easy because you didn't have to go downtown on busy roads.

We're glad you enjoyed the Home Codes last year. A new and improved iteration of those is coming on July 8. Look out for more info about that on when they launch! Thanks for playing :)

The code at William and Division is missing as of 7/5/22. (Someone ripped it off.) Thanks for making a cool badge.


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