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Black Pond Ponderer

Nestled in the woods just northeast of Leslie Science and Nature Center are the dips and crests of Black Pond Woods Nature Area. This little beauty is full of narrow, rocky and root-strewn trails that take you down into ravines and up and over ridges, where you'll eventually stumble (hopefully not literally) upon a vernal pool rife with breeding frogs in early summer. Later in the season, the pool dries up until spring rains fill it up again next year.

Pro tips:

  • bug spray!
  • closed-toe shoes
  • watch your step for rocks/roots
  • walking distance: about a mile

BEGIN at the parking lot for the Leslie Science and Nature Center at 1831 Traver Rd, Ann Arbor. There's a Project Grow community garden near the northeast end of the lot and a sign for Black Pond Woods. Head over there to get started!

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Somehow we got turned around on the way back. After marker 3, things looked unfamiliar and we ended up by some houses instead of finding marker 2. Could you add a clarification about the direction at marker 3 to get back to 2. I think what looked “straight” on the way out looked different coming back. Fortunately, we could see civilization pretty easily and found our way back, but without a trail map we couldn’t figure out where we had gone wrong.

This was a fun one! My kid who hates walks in the woods even liked it. And we saw a bunch of frogs at the pond; I was worried they would be gone this late in the season but it was frog central.


★★☆☆ 2 of out 4 difficulty

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