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Fri, 06/10/2022 - 10:00am by ohheyitselle

It’s June 10th which can only mean one thing… THE MOST MAGICAL TIME OF THE YEAR HAS BEGUN!!!! And no, we don’t mean construction season, we mean…

THE SUMMER GAME 2022 IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!

We have ALL SORTS OF THINGS up our sleeves for YOU and ONLY YOU… and your friends… and your neighbors…

You may be thinking that “THINGS'' is a very vague and weirdly loud and capitalized descriptor and you would be ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!!! So let us clarify!!! RIGHT NOW you can:


-GO to each AADL location and collect codes! Each branch has a BIG ‘OL BANNER CODE as well as some BRANCH EXPLORER codes within each library building. CAN YOU FIND THEM ALL???

-PLAY any or all Points-o-Matic modes! This option is ACTUALLY ENDLESS so CLEAR YOUR SCHEDULES, FOLKS.  

-VISIT the AADL catalog to rate and review some things you like (or don’t like??) WE WANNA KNOW!

-READ books, watch movies, listen to music, or download something cool from the catalog! Log your items for up to 50 points per day!

-WATCH or ATTEND  Events either in-person or online and find the CODES EVERYWHERE! 

-CLEAR your schedule for BADGE DROPS at NOON every FRIDAY of the GAME...STARTING TODAY! 

-GET HYPE for absolutely no other reason besides the fact that SUMMER GAME SEASON STARTING!!!!

Getting Started Badge Series 

On The DownloadGo!  BanneramaSuper Summer ReaderPoints-o-Matic-o-RamaTell Us How You Really FeelStar GiverLog Jammer


BUT WHAT ABOUT HOME CODES? No worries, yard-trompers and MISCELLANEOUS ADVENTURERS! We've got the next iteration of the fun that began with HOME CODES coming in July, featuring colorful LAWN SIGNS and a whole new way for YOU to place a game code OUTSIDE YOUR FAVORITE LIBRARY BRANCH!

Our new approach will focus less on getting all the codes, and more on making it possible for everyone to place a code in the community that others can find and redeem. Stay tuned for that new game feature, plus the launch of the 2022 SUMMER GAME SHOP on JULY 8TH!

Well what are you waiting for???? GET GOING and THANKS FOR PLAYING! 


Didn't find where to enter the code...There used to be a number that we can text the code to? Did I miss anything?

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