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Badge Drop #1: Stop, DROP, and GO!

Fri, 06/10/2022 - 12:00pm by ohheyitselle

The temperature may be RISING, but we’re focused on what’s DROPPING today. Some drops are better than others, obviously. For example…

Dropping a BEAT?? GOOD!! 

Dropping a FRYING PAN on your toe?? BAD!!

Dropping the CAKE on your great aunt during her birthday party??? NOT ONLY EMBARRASSING but also HAUNTING!!!!

The first set of SUMMER GAME BADGES dropping to YOU??? JAW-DROPPINGLY GREAT!!!!!!

SPOILER ALERT: The last item on that list is HAPPENING RIGHT NOW! 

Everyone’s favorite collection of scavenger hunts and puzzles is BACK AGAIN and we have CRYPTIDS to search for, BUILDINGS to explore, ART to admire, CROSSWORDS to solve, PLACES to go, PLACES to go to but only in your MIND, and way MORE!!!!!

Pick that jaw up off the floor, because you’ll need it back in place to DROP ALL OVER AGAIN when you see ALL THESE BADGES! 


Swimming in Legos!Can You Handle the Cube?!A Work of Dart50 Years in the MakingChicken Takes the TownUndefeetableAll PAINT, All GainNot in KansasRock On! Super[SMASH]groupCrossword 1AADLE Week 1Power of ArtFulton FollowerGet GrowingSpot TheRideTheRide ForwardEli's ArcadeDowntown DiscovererMalletts Creek CollectorPittsfield PerambulatorTraverwood TraverserWestgate WayfarerChoose KindnessLove Starts HereSCRAP Creative Reuse presents Get Scrappy With It!Cycle the BikewayLet's Get MovingSummer FUN at UMMA


Ready for more wild news??? Badges drop EVERY FRIDAY at NOON!!!  We here at SG Headquarters have our caps lock ON and we are JUST GETTING STARTED!!!!!!!!!!

So stay tuned, stay cool, and THANKS FOR PLAYING!


Hi there! Which clue number are you working on? It's likely you stumbled upon an old code while searching for this badge? We're happy to help, just let us know which part you're stuck on!

And as always, thanks for playing! :)

Um, 6/13/2022 at about 6:50pm, and it appears some of the Summer Game pages aren't working. I've clicked around and tested urls, and from my QC testing perspective, it appears:
- all pages DO work if you go to them directly by entering the url with the current player ID
- it's the links under "Quick Links" in the left navigation that are not correctly putting the player ID into the links.
---- For example: the "Enter Codes" link is always using a playerID of 0, and so the link is always
---- The "My Players", "Badges", and "Points-O-Matic" links are not putting in a playerID at all. So the browser ends up giving one of the following errors: "The website encountered an unexpected error. Please try again later." or "The page isn’t redirecting properly"

I am using Firefox version 101.0 (64 bit)

Update: thanks for the report! We were able to identify the problem, which affected players with a lot of SG history. We are working on a fix and hopefully you should be back in business Tuesday. Thanks again for the bug report!

Did several badges disappear from the list or is it just me? I was planning a trip to the Natural History Museum this week and that badge doesn't seem to be there anymore.

It's not just you! A couple of badges accidentally got released ahead of schedule (before they were fully ready), so we had to remove them until their scheduled release date. We are so sorry for any inconvenience this has caused. Rest assured these badges will be back!
Thank you for asking and thank you for playing! :)

1st time player badges expire? i.e., do you have to complete the week they are posted, or can you complete them throughout the summer?

Welcome to the Summer Game!!! Most badges do not expire and you have all summer to complete them! The main exception is event badges that have a specific date (but many of the codes can still be found online after the fact). If a badge can only be completed in a certain time frame, it will often say!

I hope that helps, thanks for asking, and THANKS FOR PLAYING!!

I did the Saginaw Saunter badge but now it has disappeared. Was it actually a leftover from a previous year? I love the park badges that get me out exploring new parks. Also love the home codes that get me walking in “new to me” neighborhoods. Thanks for the work and creativity you guys put into this!

Thanks for asking! That badge was accidentally released early and needed a little more testing; watch for it in an upcoming badge drop! And we've got the next version of home codes coming in early July, so stay tuned for that, and thanks for playing!

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