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AADLE Week 2

If you've enjoyed playing Wordle™, you'll love AADLE! 

The goal of AADLE is to guess the word that is the answer to the puzzle and the code that earns you the badge! The clues are the partially-completed grid showing which letters have been guessed, which letters appear somewhere in the word, and which letters are in the correct place.

A letter that isn’t in the code shows up as gray on the grid.

A letter that is in the code, but isn’t in the right spot, will be blue on the grid.

A letter that is in the right spot, will show up as red on the grid.

Your job is to use those clues to determine what word is the code. You have unlimited guesses - when you hit the right answer, your points will be awarded and the badge earned!

AADLE grid week 2

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Feel free to make guesses based on what letters have already been tried! You can enter as many guesses as you need to in the box for code text - you’ll know you got it when points are awarded! Good luck!

Please excuse me if I come off as rude, but let's try to value and support the fun and inclusive space the library staff has opened to us by considering how we describe these activities when we complete them. We all see the world differently, and a one-mile walk for one individual can feel like a four-mile walk to another. It is rewarding when we accomplish these challenges, but it would be mindful to remember this is a community activity and not a competition or comparison. Let's celebrate our achievements and support others in reaching theirs :)

Another thought: we can also help out the library staff for future games and challenges if we think about why something is too difficult and what can be better next time. Constructive feedback is amazing!


★★★☆ 3 of out 4 difficulty

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