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History Hiker

Are you ready to keep exploring Ann Arbor? What about Ann Arbor HISTORY? For this badge, you will be walking along the route of the AACHM Walking Tour, a walkthrough of Ann Arbor's historically Black neighborhood (now known as Kerrytown, a word which we will NOT USE for the REST of this badge!) in partnership with the African American Cultural & Historical Museum of Washtenaw County.

Get started by checking out the downloadable pdf below, which will help you on your tour. This badge veers off the tour just slightly, though, so it is more of a helpful AND informative guide that we will reference throughout the badge. If you're ready to start, you'll want to head to the Black Business District, stop 1 on the walking tour!

This badge is approximately 1.2 miles walking distance, and will take around 45 minutes on average to find all the clues. There are some moderately steep paved hills in the later half of the tour.

Link to walking tour PDF:

Parking Options:

The City of Ann Arbor has free street parking on Sundays. There are several metered surface lots in the area near the Farmer's Market, including lots at  212 E Kingsley St, 4th & Catherine Lot (351 N 4th Ave). Parking structures are also available throughout the city.

Environmentally Friendly Travel Options:

Take the bus! The start of the walking tour is near Fourth Ave Stop 2, which is serviced by Route 32. For more information, visit

Ride a bike! There are many bike racks in the area, including one near Fourth & Ann.

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I'm a bit confused on the 4th one - I thought I had the correct panels on the narrow blue building @ 415 Detroit St (left one starting with "Triangular Block" and right one starting with "Miller's Planing Mill"), but entering the years in the first line gives me "Code is not recognized".

You were at the right building, but the two panels you are looking for are on the OTHER side. There are four panels on the building, two on either side. The panels you are looking for are titled "Ann Arbor's African American Community" and "A Changing Neighborhood". Thanks for playing the summer game, and let us know if you're still stuck!


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