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Be our Guest! Be our Guest! Put your film knowledge to the test. Put your popcorn in a bowl, it's time to rock and roll. Be our guest, be our Guest, be our GUEST! Christopher Guest, that is. His films always seem like they have a real super group of actors in them...

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For those wondering about clue 3 like I did, the name is not needed for the code, just broadway backgroud

Stumped on the last clue. Thought F**** B*****, then D* S****. But thought maybe wanted series A** S******. No luck, maybe I don't understand the clue??? HELP!!!

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Thank you for your comment about "wrong actress". I was searching the wrong actress too and appreciate your help. One thing I would add to the "recent series" part of the clue #5 is that she was only on the show through 2020.

For clue 1, I'm searching for the film's 2-word name which includes a plant name in the catelog. The results do not result in a code. Would you please give us another clue?

I googled the name of the character Christopher Guest plays and added "broadway" to the search term. It takes a little bit of looking around, but I was able to find it pretty easily from there. And remember that this type of broadway is a total joke (isn't a real thing), with some repetition in the name. Hope this helps!

I’m stuck on clue 2. I checked a lot of results for dog names and couldn’t find it. I have no idea what the name of the dog is.

I am stuck on the last clue. I tried the actor's name, the character's name and even the title of the show's name too, but nothing worked. Any clues would REALLY help!

NatureKey---i originally did the same thing. Clue: Don't focus on the obviously stated actress, there's another actress in clue---mom....


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