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We all know what MAKES a great library... its STAFF! But what we REALLY want to know this Summer Game is.... WHAT DOES OUR STAFF MAKE??!?! 

This week, our staff are PRESSING and PRINTING! Below you'll see some AMAZING letterpressed and block printed works created by the WILDLY TALENTED artists we have on our staff! But don't worry, we haven't gotten too caught up in ALL THIS ART to forget something very important... YOUR CODES! You may notice some CODES hidden about in the artwork below... however, you may have to peruse the BEAUTIFUL WORKS quite carefully to find them....... You may need to click on the images for a larger version! 

Block printed opossum (code: ScrambleOnBy )

Block Printed Opossum (above) by: Marisa Huston, Library Technician - Outreach Department

Letterpress image of person in tri-color (code: AStepAbove )

Letterpressed Art  (above) from the AADL Letterpress Lab

Letterpressed Summer Game Prize coffee bags (code: BrewtifulColors )

Letterpressed Summer Game Prize Coffee Bags (above) from the AADL Letterpress Lab

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