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For this week's CRYPTID adventure, we're diving DEEP underwater to find some elusive but VERY LARGE aquatic friends! Are they dinosaurs? Giant amphibians? WORMS? NO ONE KNOWS! These mysterious buddies have been reported in large lakes all over the globe, and we're about to find them. Water you waiting for?

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Hi there! The code seems to be alright now! It's possible you found a different code for a different badge. Make sure you're searching the catalog for a 5 letter word!

I hope that helps and thanks for playing!!! :)

I thought I had the right Loch-y for #3 but I checked the entire first page of results and no code. Can I get a another hint, please?

Hello! For the fifth code, search for the name of the lake where Champ the lake monster is said to live. This lake is in New York, Vermont, AND Quebec! Search for the entire name of the lake: "Lake _________" and find your code in an adult nonfiction book. Hopefully that helps, and let us know if you're still stuck!


★★☆☆ 2 of out 4 difficulty

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