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There exists a SOMEWHAT elite group among hosts of Saturday Night Live: The Five-Timers Club! Though this SUPER group of actors are never all together at once, smaller groups don their FANCY robes and convene to welcome new members!

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I know exactly who to search for for clue#2 but I cannot find it in any listing, I've looked thru the first 20 results.

I've looked through more than a hundred catalog items and nothin'! I KNOW who the person is. B*** H**** Not one match for his name when I search it. And I tried the other "wild and crazy guy" just in case. Also bupkis!

Hmmm, B**k H***y is the right name to search, but he's not one of the wild and crazy guys. When I do an all-formats search of that name (not in quotes) it shows up in a DVD within the first ten results. Hope that helps!

Good grief! Quotes, no quotes, caps, no caps, name plus the indicated movie title, search each option, not just "catalog", finally I scrolled through all 25 pages, 525 items (!) from page 25 back to 1, and only when I decided to click every item on the first few pages before giving up, did I find it! And I STILL don't see the connection. Luckily it's slow at work tonight. I certainly don't feel like such a smarty anymore! (I really was surprised, though, that there is not a single item matching his name in the catalog.)

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