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Boarding Party

It's Summer Game, and that means TIME TO CIVICALLY ENGAGE! You can earn this HIGHLY VALUABLE BADGE by making a PUBLIC COMMENT to the elected AADL Board of Trustees at their June or July meetings:

Monday, June 27th, 7:00 PM, 4th Floor Meeting Room at the Downtown Library

Monday, July 25th, 7:00 PM, 4th Floor Meeting Room at the Downtown Library

You can come in person, and make your comment directly to the Trustees near the beginning or at the end of the meeting, or you can send in your video, audio, or text comment to , and it will be played for / read to the Trustees at their meeting! Make sure to send in your comment before these two meetings have happened to get this code!

The AADL Board of Trustees are here on your behalf to oversee the staff, budget, and policies of AADL! You can tell them anything you'd like them to know.

Thanks for civically engaging, and if you have any questions about this, make a comment below!

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I watched the meeting on-line, and submitted a comment on YouTube. But I guess they were not monitoring that. Which is fine.

I will submit again on July 25. But it was basically, if I had to tell you all how great AADL is for me and my family/friends, I'd be speaking until midnight. (I know there are speaking limits, but just wanted you all to know)

I really appreciated your (Eli's) reading of submitted public comments during the recent Trustee meeting. Very entertaining and a lovely way to hear from patrons! Like others, I could wax on for quite a while about the virtues of the AADL and the summer game and do when my friends allow!

What are we supposed to be commenting on for this badge? Are we saying how to library could improve or what we like about it or something?

Hi there, yes! You can come to the meeting at 7 PM on the 4th floor of the downtown library to make a public comment near the beginning of the meeting to get this code on the podium. You can also send in your comment to . Thanks for playing!

I love checking out books with the libraries thank you to all of the librarians I really do appreciate it

Oh no! I can't believe I missed both meetings this summer! It just wasn't on my ....... board ....... this year (this is a pun)


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