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Transparent Inks & Letterpress Printing


Wednesday August 17, 2022: 5:30pm to 7:30pm  Add to Calendar


Downtown Library: Secret Lab


Solid colors got you down? Then try Transparent Ink! 

Transparent ink starts with a neutral base that is also called Mixing White. A small amount of pigment is added in order to blend a lighter shade of the main color. This shade allows other colors printed underneath to show through, creating a unique effect as well as opportunities for color mixing when overprinting. 

We'll demo some quick principles of basic ink mixing for you to observe, and blend up a rainbow of transparent tones for you to print with on a Vandercook cylinder press. 

An assortment of handset wood type & paper will be available for use, and no previous letterpress experience is necessary. 

Due to the presence of lead-based type, this program is intended for adults.

Overlapping red and blue letterpress-style type says "Transparent Inks and Letterpress Printing"

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Downtown Library: Secret Lab
Letterpress Lab