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SCRAP Creative Reuse: Interwebs

Creative Reuse means applying creativity to existing items to give them new practical or artistic functions. It's a great way to divert usable materials from landfills! SCRAP is a donation-based creative reuse store and donation center in Ann Arbor, MI. Along with the ever-changing and diverse store items, SCRAP also provides a range of educational opportunities within the community. Our mission is to inspire creative reuse and environmentally sustainable behavior by providing educational programs and affordable materials to the community. We are a part of the SCRAP Creative Reuse network which has grassroots creative reuse centers across the country.

In order to earn this badge, click HERE to find a Summer Game code, as well as information about volunteer opportunities at SCRAP Creative Reuse.

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I need so help to try to find the code on the page? Do I need to click on something other than just typing in what the hint said to do, or do I have to do something else

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