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Badge Drop #4: Flamboyant Newt Legends

Fri, 07/01/2022 - 12:00pm by SaraP

Week 4 is here and we’ve got more FLAMBOYANT badges 4 you! You’ll be VIRTUALLY gobsmacked by all the NEWT stuff rolling out today. Whether you’re still feeling a bit GREEN or already naming yourself an SG LEGEND, we aren’t too CHICKEN to claim that we’ve got a little something of everything. So SCRAP all your other plans (no not really - unless you were planning a HEIST) and CALL your best buds (actually a good idea!) to PONDER your way through more puzzles, more scavenging, and all the other ARTSY and non-artsy points-earning activities! 


Speaking of new stuff, we are ONE WEEK AWAY from two exciting things! 

On JULY 8th: 

  • The Summer Game Shop opens in its entirety! (don’t worry, everything for 2022 will be listed when the shop opens, and we won’t run out of anything, so you have all summer to earn points and place orders)
  • Lawn & Library Codes launch! (a little more on that right now…)

What are LAWN & LIBRARY CODES, you ask??? Great question! They are the new, improved, slightly different, but VERY SIMILAR iteration of the incredibly popular Home Codes from previous years! There will be lawn signs. There will be library signs. There will be OPTIONS about which one you choose to use, if you want to use one at all! Bottom line: You’ll get a chance to create YOUR VERY OWN CODE for fellow players to HAPPEN UPON! Hang tight and stay tuned for details on Friday July 8th - we're almost there!


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Is anyone else having a struggle for the fourth code of the Call Again badge? I know I have the right name, unless the full non-nickname version of the first name is called for. For. I've been through the entire first page of results without finding the code. Any idea what I might be doing wrong?

We never say never, but it's not reappearing this year - that much we know for sure! The alien mug from last year (which features throwback promotional art from AADL years past is back in the regular Summer Game Shop, though, and you can use points from any year to order this year's prizes!). Thanks for playing!

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