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Scarlett-Mitchell Loop

Located behind Scarlett Middle School is a lovely spot with shaded woods, and a tranquil pond with many benches!.  Scarlett Mitchell Nature Area contains a diverse wetland and a wooded area. The ​wetlands are great areas to look for birds, facilitated by many bird boxes throughout the park. The wetlands also support a sizable population of reptiles and amphibians. There is a simple, aerial MAP on the park site.  Details about bus routes, and about getting more involved can be found on the city's site.

The park is accessible on foot and bicycle by walking and riding along the neighborhood streets. There are no bike racks at the park. There are bike lanes along nearby Platt Road.​

TO BEGIN go to Scarlett Middle School at 3300 Lorraine Street off of PLATT and park in front of the school. While facing the FRONT of the school note the large circular, BUS LOOP off the parking lot to the RIGHT of the school. The entrance to Scarlett-Mitchell Nature Area - marked with WOODEN SIGNS - is up the hill (up off the pavement and on to the grass) from the bus loop. 

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Pretty easy hike. Took energetic but pretty small kids (age 4 and 7) on it, and it was no problem for them. Like that it's a loop so no backtracking, you end up right back where you left your car or bike.

I am a member of Friends of Mitchell-Scarlett Woods and live next to the 3 woods. The woods directly behind the school are owned by AAPS. The woods to the east and west are owned by the City. We are trying to set up infrastructure to help maintain and develop these woods, much like Thurston Nature Center and Greenview and Pioneer Woods Nature Area.

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