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Badge Drop #5: LAWNS and LIBRARIES and PRIZES, OH MY!

Fri, 07/08/2022 - 12:00pm by SaraP

ALRIGHT! Here we are - it’s week 5 and we don’t know where the TIME is FLYING! You’ve been LOGging your reads, your listens, your watches. And while you’ve been logging, we’ve been PINEing to give you more points!!!! Soooooo…here you go: all the Log Jammer badges that reward you for…well…all your WONDERFUL logging!

It’s a FRUITFUL week here at SG Headquarters in more ways than one, though. The Game is like a FARM (perhaps a tree farm) - orderly little rows of badges flourishing under the hot sun as far as the eye can see! Not only can you earn this week’s cornucopia of DIGITAL bragging rights (aka badges), you can now do these things, too:


- The shop opens for PRIZE BROWSING at 6pm tonight! View, browse, drool over what you want, and get ready...
- The shop opens for ORDERING at noon on Monday July 11
- FUN FACT: Nothing will run out of stock, so order any time through August 27th.
- Choose up to 4 items and spend any year’s points!
- These prizes are ALL the prizes available this year and everything will be in The Summer Game Shop when it opens for orders. No Classic Game Shop this year.

Aha! The moment you’ve all been waiting for…the return of HOME CODES! Well, SORT OF. Home Codes have evolved and SG Headquarters is now bringing you better lawns & libraries all across town with LAWN & LIBRARY CODES!!!!!!!!!!

What it is
Starting NOW, you can create your very own code to display either on a Lawn Code Sign OR on a Library Code Card. Lawn Code Signs are special lawn signs (which we provide) that you place next to your sidewalk, street, or parking lot. Library Code Cards are special mini code signs (which we also provide) that get zip-tied to one of our five adorable Summer Game Stops. What is a Summer Game Stop, you ask? It's an SG sign on a perforated pole outside each branch - kind of like a bus stop sign, or a train stop sign, or just a stop sign, BUT FOR FINDING CODES :D

How it works
1. Stop into any branch to pickup a Lawn Code Sign OR Library Code Card BEFORE you register your code online…
2. Create the code by going to, selecting the My Players quick link, and scrolling to “Player Details”. Click the link to "Create a Lawn or Library Code" and follow the directions.
3. Write the code legibly in ALLCAPS on your sign/card.
4. Put it up in your lawn or on one of our Summer Game Stops! 
5. You have until August 15th to create a code, to give players a chance to happen upon them before the game ends.
6. Use the new Summer Game Map to get started with Summer Game Stop locations (updates coming soon)!
7. It’s not like Pokemon - you will NOT BE ABLE TO CATCH ‘EM ALL!!! Have fun as you stumble upon these serendipitous little surprises throughout the community!


Phew!!! Now that you’re IN the LOOP, it’s TIME to KNOCK out some code-hunting. And code-making. And code-happening-upon. And prize-previewing. Go!




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Thanks for reading this super long Badge Drop and THANKS for PLAYING!


I hope to see someone modeling the big beefy tote - talk about the coolest fashion accessory! thanks yall!

We have three players, and a significant lack of consensus.... How do we get three lawn codes??? When I set another player as active, it still shows the first code I created (I'm the parent and the main account holder....) Do I need to use each of their library cards to make an online account and then attach a lawn code to each???

That’s correct. Only one code can be created for the login (regardless of number of players). So, yes, you can absolutely create separate logins for family members and then each will be able to create a code. If you also want SG points and badges transferred from the current account to the new ones (for each player), please email with the account info and we’ll get it moved over! Thanks!

So, I take it you can't do a Lawn Code AND a Library Code? The only reason that is a bit confusing is that when I went to pick up my lawn sign, they also gave me a library post sign as well. If I can't do two codes, can I do the same one on both of them? Or should I just do the lawn sign?

It is either/or. So each *login* (not including extra players on same account) get EITHER a lawn OR a library code. Desk staff may have given you both if you weren’t sure which one you wanted to do, or they were confused about how many accounts you were picking them up for, or maybe they were just confused. It’s new to our staff too! But anyway, feel free to pick one or the other and let us know if you have any more questions. Thanks for playing!

I certainly miss the map. It was fun to bike around Ann Arbor with a mission and a plan on how to find codes. Watching the portion of the map near where I live slowly turn red was a huge motivation. I guess I won't be doing that this year.

Will the map ever be updated to include the home codes? Unless I'm missing something, I only see the library branches on the the map. I always enjoyed using the map to plan bike/run/walking routes in different neighborhoods throughout the summer to collect codes.

No worries, after about a week, we will be adding a heatmap layer to the map allowing you to see what areas have lawn codes around town and plan routes around looking for lawn signs. However, we won't be offering map pins of each location, or pins that change color to show that you've redeemed them this year, sorry.

It's not possible to get all the lawn codes, and when we build interface or gameplay elements around trying to get them all, it leads to problems. We had too many reports of negative interactions between sign hunters and people who had no idea about the game or the signs or anything last year, and a prime objective of this year's approach to code signs in the wild was to find a solution that didn't result in any local residents feeling that their home was about to be broken into. Because that happened last year, multiple times!

We're sorry for the dedicated code hunters who looked forward to slowly turning the whole map red, but we can't take that risk this year, so lawn codes will have to be more serendipitous and less completionist. The heat map will still be very useful for planning walks and rides, though. We'll see how it goes. Thanks for your input, and thanks for playing!

1. Is the image on the mug the same as last year, or is it bigger?

2. I love that the SG shirt is offered in kids sizes again (thank you!), but I'm disappointed in the limited color choices. I understand that offering all the colors might not be possible, but I'd like to see another color or two.

The alien mug is exactly the same as it was last year (we popped these 2021 leftovers back into the shop this year). About the shirts...Unfortunately, we had to pair the color offerings way down to simplify Summer Game Shop order fulfillment. We had a decent number of players last year who didn't end up getting the color they wanted because of supply chain issues. So, to reduce general disappointment and backend snags, we kept it simple this time! Thanks for understanding and, of course, for playing the game!!

Thanks for the concern! We've had a couple reports of a sign in town that's missing its code. There's not much we can do about a blank lawn sign, though. Hopefully the player will notice their lettering washed off and re-write the code at some point. Any future lawn sign issues can be reported to! Thanks again for asking and for playing!

Thanks for the concern! There's not much we can do about blank lawn signs. Hopefully the player will notice their lettering washed off and re-write the code at some point. Thanks again and, of course, for playing!

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