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Fibernacci Sequence


We all know what MAKES a great library... its STAFF! But what we REALLY want to know this Summer Game is.... WHAT DOES OUR STAFF MAKE??!?! 

This week, our staff are on POINT! On NEEDLEPOINT, that is, and just generally have this whole art and craft thing SEWN UP TIGHT. Here, you'll find FIBER ARTS created by the WILDLY TALENTED artists we have on our staff! But don't worry, we haven't gotten too caught up in ALL THIS ART to forget something very important... YOUR CODES! You may notice some CODES hidden about in the artwork below... however, you may have to peruse the BEAUTIFUL WORKS quite carefully to find them....... You may need to click on the images for a larger version! 


Dark fiber horses painted with skeleton bones. Code: OhHay

Untitled (above), hand-made fiber figures
by Ann Asplund, AADL Book Processor

Embroidery depicting two walkie-talkies connected to each other with the words "love you" and "copy that". Code: AllInStitches

Copy That (above), embroidery
by An AADL Desk Clerk, who was also an AADL Book Processor and has worked at the library since 2010.

handwoven small tapestry in blue, red, and natural fibers with half moon shape. Code: HangAWeft

Untitled (above), hand-woven tapestry
by Amanda, AADL Graphic Artist
Website: (freelance site) or (shop)

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