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Perfect pairings come in many forms. The perfect wine with the perfect cheese, the perfect dog with the perfect family, the perfect shoes with the perfect outfit...but Hatcher Library at the University of Michigan is serving up a new type of perfect pairing in A Perfect Pairing of Cookbooks and Dinnerware. The exhibit combines a dozen selections of cookbooks and dinnerware from the collections of the Janice Bluestein Longone Culinary Archive and the International Museum of Dinnerware Design in a feast for the eyes! After all, presentation makes all the difference!

This badge requires you travel to Hatcher Graduate Library at University of Michigan's main campus. There is a little walking to get to the building from wherever you park or bus in, but this is not a "hike." The exhibit room is small and it takes about 10-30min to complete the badge all in that one room. 

Visit The Audubon Room at Hatcher Library, located at 913 S University Ave near the North Lobby. Please be aware of construction on State St that has the road closed between Liberty and The Diag - plan your route and/or parking accordingly!

AUDUBON ROOM HOURS for Public (no Mcard/UofM affiliation required)
Mon-Thur 9-5 
Fri 9-4

*Hours changed in August to be closed to public on weekends. We apologize for the inconvenience!*

The most direct access to The Audubon Room is from the historic north entrance to the library, right off The Diag. Wheelchair and stroller access requires using the South Lobby entrance and taking two elevators (up and back down) to get to the right level, so please ask Hatcher Library desk staff for directions to the North Lobby and/or Audubon Room when you arrive. If entering from the North Lobby, head for the door labeled Library Gallery and go up the ramp, then turn left - you'll see signs for The Audubon Room. Note that the North Lobby entrance is closed on Saturdays!

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In clue 3, the first word is not what you're indicating. It's a different dairy product, with 5 letters. Gorgeous exhibition. Wow!

The Hatcher library is requires an MCard for access on Sundays and after 5pm on weekdays. It is not open to the public.

Hatcher Hours have been adjusted per notice at entrance (confirmed at Note: Audubon Room having shorter hours than rest of Hatcher):
Saturday 8/20/22 (when I went to visit and get codes): CLOSED
Sunday 8/21/22: CLOSED
Mon-Thursday 8/22/22-8/25/22: 9am-5pm
Friday 8/26/22: 9am-4pm
Saturday 8/27/22: CLOSED
Sunday 8/28/22: 1pm-6pm (need MCard to get in on Sunday)

Hi there! So sorry for the trouble. Thanks for the comment. We updated the hours info on the badge and emailed you with some help since you couldn't get in on the 20th. Keep an eye out for that!


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