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Sesame Sleuth

We can't tell you how to get there, but we guarantee the air is sweet! Yes, we're talking about Sesame Street!

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Hello, I'm having a hard time with the first clue. I've entered the names of the two guys, however I can't seem to figure it out. Please help! Thank you.

You’ll want to search the catalog for both names (it doesn’t matter what order you put the names in or whether or not you put “and” between them.) The code will be in the first ten results!

i am giving up on this. first and second clues are accidents to find. what is second clue? looked it up and where is it???

Try doing a google search for "big bird's teddy bear" That should give you the bear's 5-letter name. Look that up in the catalog, and your clue will be in the first ten results!

For clue #1 you're looking for two Muppet characters who are roommates. One is very silly, one is very proper. The silly one loves Rubber Duckies, and if you do a google search for "sesame street rubber duckie" you'll find a very catchy song (and his name). The proper one loves pigeons, and if you do a google search for "sesame street pigeon" you'll find ANOTHER very catchy song with THAT character's name. You'll need to search both characters' names in the catalog, but it doesn't matter what order you put them in (or if you put an and between them).

For clue #5, the last two capitalized words in the clue are important! Keep those in mind and look through (or do a keyword search on) this list of Sesame Street locations:

For the first code, I have searched the catalog with both of their names and looked through all of the results and no code to be found anywhere.

Hmmm, I just double checked and the code is still showing up in the results. I wonder do you have the right names? E**** and B*** (can be searched in either order, and it doesn't matter whether or not you include the "and")

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And still no code showing up? Let's figure this out! When you're searching, be sure you don't put "" around the names and make sure you ARE doing an "All Formats" search in the catalog. When I search B*** E**** , the clue is in the 6th result!

On number 4 I searched the name of the store and two things came up in the catalog, but no code on either of them. I entered it in the format suggested earlier. Help please.

Hmmm, I wonder are you searching with " " around the two-word phrase? That wouldn't bring up the correct results. You'll want to search for H*****'s Store and it is in the first result.

No quotation marks, just the two words with the apostrophe. I just tried it again and am still getting the same results. And yes, I have checked my spelling. How could Sesame Street let me down like this?!

Well, GEE! This is a REAL MYSTERY! I just emailed you a question about what you're searching (so we don't give it away in the comments for the other players). We'll get to the bottom of this!

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