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Star Wars Toys These Are

A long time ago, in a galaxy not so far, far away was a toy company. A toy company named Kenner Products. But we'll just call it Kenner...

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Hot tip: for clue #2, one of the other catalog results is a code for a different badge. Keep looking and you'll find the right one!

My code for #2 did not record and now I cannot enter it a second time. So I am stuck.

It looks like you haven't redeemed the right code for clue #2. Search for "action figure" in the catalog and look for a book called "Marty Frye, Private eye: The Case of the Missing Action Figure." It probably won't be the first book that pops up when you search "action figure." There is a different code, from badge called Truly Outrageous, in an item that is usually the first result. If you're still having trouble after trying this one more time, please email and we'll make sure you get the code!

Fun fact, for others having trouble with this one: every game code in the catalog will say which badge it's for inside the dotted game code box (underneath the code itself) - it can help in these situations where us eager badge makers have inadvertently sent people looking for items that overlap a bit when using different search terms.

I noticed that after you redeem #2, you don't get the next clue in the pop-up. You just get the green box with the congrats & confirmation, but not the yellow box that gives the next clue. No huge deal, as folks probably know they can find the next clue on the badge page, but still seemed like a glitch worth reporting.

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Toying With You 2022


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