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Chicken Makes More Friends

Chicken FLEW THE COOP and is off into the wild for another CODE FILLED ADVENTURE but this time with FRIENDS!!! 

To solve this badge, find the game codes hidden in each image. Chicken has gotten pretty close to the codes, so it would be wise to start looking somewhere near Chicken....You'll need to look very closely at these images to find the codes, but don't forget to check the hints if you're cluck- er, stuck!!! Click on the images for a larger version!

Chicken sitting on top of a frog statue (Code: Unfrogettable )

Chicken on a turtle statue (code: ShelloThere )

Chicken sitting next to a toad statue (code: ToadallyAwesome )

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I believe I recognize the turtle statue- from the children's garden at the Matthaei Botanical gardens! Not sure about the frog statues though!

Hi everyone! Chicken's turtle friend lives outside in the children's garden at the Matthaei Botanical Gardens, and his 2 frog friends live at the Detroit Zoo! Hope you're enjoying seeing Chicken out and about on his many small adventures :)

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Chicken in the Wild 2022


⭐️ Standard 1 of out 4 difficulty

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