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Throughout history tales of cities full of ULTIMATE RICHES have lured believers to areas where these rumored ancient civilizations once thrived. Like Atlantis, no evidence of these cities have actually been found! Does that stop people from searching for them EVEN TODAY!? Absolutely NOT!

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Every time I try to answer number 2 with the P word, I get an error message that this code expired in September 2017. Thoughts?

Hello! It looks like you might be entering the wrong Lake name. The Lake you are looking for starts with the letter G and is 9 letters long! Your entire code will be 13 letters long once you add in the word "Lake". It's located in the Cordillera Oriental mountain range of Colombia. Thank you for playing, and let us know if you are still stuck!

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Try searching google for the place that "refers to a geographical region that encompasses the southern end of South America, governed by Argentina and Chile." If you search for that quote, you will find the 9 letter name of the region, which starts with the letter P!

For the second code you are looking for a "LAKE G________" and you will enter that AS YOUR CODE, including the word LAKE! No catalog search needed for that one! Your final code is 13 letters long.


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