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Crossword 10

Are you ready for a fresh NEW PUZZLE that rivals the temperatures outside? Print out this grid (or download the form fillable pdf) and solve away. Once you're done, take a look at 18 Down. The answer to 18 Down is your code!

Click HERE to open the fillable pdf! Otherwise see it below! 

Crossword 10

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Hi, I construct them with the help of a computer program, CrossFire. One of my coworkers graciously edits them for me, and the rest of the staff play tests them before launch! These puzzles are an AADL staff creation.


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Hi there! We edited your comment to remove the answer to the badge, we'd hate for the puzzle to be spoiled for other players ;) Thanks!

I really enjoyed 6 down! Being compelled to sing to work out a clue is next level fun. Thx AADL :)

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