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Badge Drop #7: Legendary Star Festival

Fri, 07/22/2022 - 12:00pm by SaraP

It may be Art Fair weekend. It may be a perfect time to lounge on the BEACH. Or maybe it's time to CATCH A MOVIE in the air conditioning. Perhaps it would be best to ditch those full length INSEAMS for some TINY shorts! But here at SG Headquarters we have regular-length shorts and STARS in our eyes for all you STAR GIVERS out there! So we’re SEIZING THE CLAY - and the DAY! - and simply GIVING away a ton of points for all those stars you’ve given the items in our collection! 

So maybe stay at HOME (or come to the library!) and water your PLANTS (or leave them little cacti alone) and, when the summer heat lulls in the evenings, look to the SKIES (or the catalog) and admire the constellations of stars that YOU have worked so hard to BUILD up there! Of course, if you’ve been a SLACKER, well it’s time to GIVE IT A SQUIRREL and rate some items you’ve seen, watched, or listened to! Or DON’T! It’s totally up to YOU how you earn your POINTS!! We’re just here to give them out!!! Okay, here you go:


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