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Found Ground

Head on over to Found Gallery and a box full of Catalog Conundrum delights in MINIATURE! Visit the window of Found Gallery at 415 N 5th Ave. Ann Arbor | 734.302.3060 |  It will be visible 24/7, but in case you want to shop their hours are: Spring/Summer Hours: Monday/Tuesday 10:00-7:00; Wednesday Market Day 9:00-7:00; Thursday/Friday  10:00-7:00; Saturday 9:00-7:00; Sunday 11:00-6:00 

    Once you find the little bitty library locate the game code on the sign to earn this badge.

This summer's  boxes of MINIATURE amazement are created by the local artist known as Lady DelaneyLady Delaney is a MINIATURIST, GHOST HUNTER and MYSTERY SEEKER. Also known as Lauren George she splits her time between Michigan and New Orleans making mischief and magical art for all ages. Five of these custom art installations will be around town in boxes in the windows of local businesses.

If you're traveling NORTH this summer be sure to also visit her DINKY DOORS in Alden, MI (near Torch Lake).

The badges for the other boxes can be found here: @ Literati Bookstore, @ The Ann Arbor Art Center; @ Vault of Midnight and @ Zingerman's Deli

inside of a mouse hole filled with books


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There isn't a completionist badge for the L. Delay series? Sad! At least these displays were fun to look at!

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L. Delaney Catalog Conundrum 2022
Arbor Explorer 2022


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